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Get creative – Designing terrariums is fun and easy

We carry a unique selection of air plants and succulents that you mix and match with containers and fillers to create your own amazing succulent terrariums. Designing a custom terrarium is both fun and rewarding, so let your creativity run wild! Create a stunning plant arrangement that is sure to make a great conversation starter and add a touch of awesomeness to any home or office space. Get started now – shop for air plants or browse our collection of complete, hand-picked terrarium kits.


Haworthia Mirabilis Mundula (top)

We carry the most unique succulents around from tillandsia air plants to exotic succulents and cacti such as Zanzibar aloe, Zebra aloe, and Echeveria ramillette. We have a great selection of plants that will surely make eye-catching terrariums. Best of all, our plants are low-maintenance, so no worries if you’re missing a green thumb!

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Glass Cube (front)

You have plenty options to choose from our selection of glass and ceramic containers. Find the perfect terrarium container to match your plant choice and personal style. Glass is a superb vessel for creating terrariums with a contemporary, urban-modern feel. We will be carrying other materials such as concrete and wood shortly.

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White  Gravel

From hot pink to black and pure white sand, we have the fillers to make your design pop! Dress up your terrarium with white gravel as a top layer or use expanded clay pebbles and glass marbles as an intriguing succulent growing medium. Succulents don’t like having wet feet so we have the perfect, fast-draining fillers to keep them happy while looking amazing!

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